The Vision

Wurinbeena Aboriginal Arts

Wurinbeena shares and celebrates the strength, richness and diversity of Aboriginal culture through our Studio Gallery and the creation of Gunyah, a wandering arts venue and installation, designed for the contemporary presentation of Aboriginal arts and culture.


Wurinbeena has a local imperative to ensure Aboriginal culture in East Gippsland is visible and positively represented, and a global aspiration to showcase Aboriginal arts and culture across Victoria, Australia and beyond.

Wurinbeena Values


Respect for Aboriginal culture

Recognition of Aboriginal culture

Respect for and with each other

Respect for the Studio Gallery and the Gunyah art space

Working with community

Recognising and acknowledging input from others

Visibility of the arts in our community

A spirit of exploration and imagination

Valuing the unknown

The spirit as driver

Working with other creative spirits

Incubating and unlocking the potential in our community’s young people and culture