Kangaroo Tales 2015

​A sculpture installation made from both contemporary and traditional materials and techniques including kangaroo skins, basket grass, perspex, lighting, hot wire burning and upholstery.  Kangaroo Tales is the latest work in a long history of collaborative projects by Lakes Entrance based artists Frances Harrison, Lennie Hayes, Catherine Larkins and Elaine Terrick. The finished work consists of five large free standing, upholstered forms 200cm x 230cm x 30cm showcasing ten drawings on kangaroo skins and one free standing 200cm x 30cm woven grass form.

Designed to be a portable, reinventable installation the six elements that make up the Kangaroo Tales Installation can generate various spacial and atmospheric environments for both performers and audience members in a variety of cross art form events, ceremonies and gatherings. The installation is designed to tour inside the Gunyah Art Space for multiple uses in dance, music and ceremonial events.

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