Help make our deadly dream of building Gunyah REAL. All it takes is a little help from a lot of people...

"It’s going out there, it’s going to travel places and display all our art work and tell everyone Aboriginal people do exist in Lakes Entrance and we’ve got our art work to prove it"

- Lennie Hayes, Gunyah artist and proud Gunai/Bidawal man.

We’ve made the art, we’ve made the movies and now we need to realise our deadly dream to build Gunyah. A moveable, inflatable Aboriginal arts venue inspired by the shell of a sandcrab. We want to put Aboriginal art and culture on the world stage and provide an alternative to the Euro-centric model of arts venues in Australia. Our arts company Wurinbeena Ltd has been networking far and wide in readiness to start touring - locally, nationally and globally. The buzz is out there!

5 June 2017 is the  launch of our Pozible crowdfunding campaign!

All it takes is a little from a lot of people...

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Gunyah Pozible Campaign