Kangaroo Tales opening at Forestech
Gunyah 3D Model
Kangaroo Tales
Gunyah Preliminary Drawingss
A multi-art form venue
Gunyah Model

Inspired by the famous Spiegeltent, the moveable Aboriginal arts space will put Aboriginal culture on the world stage and provide an alternative to the Euro-centric model of arts venues in Australia. Gunyah will take the form of a giant crab shell 16m wide and 22m long. The exterior ‘shell’ is an artwork in its own right representing the land, water and sky.

As a multi art form venue for small audiences, Gunyah will have the capacity to house individual or cross-art form projects.  The space will also be utilised to develop work with artists-in-residence or deliver workshops leading up to or during an event. As well as having the potential to tour and showcase various art forms Gunyah can also inspire local communities to create new work and play an important role as an arts incubator. Gunyah will create employment opportunities, promote East Gippsland and attract tourism and business opportunities for the local community.

Gunyah. Moveable Aboriginal Arts Venue


will be a meeting place for song making, storytelling, exchanging knowledge and celebrating contemporary and traditional Aboriginal culture. Gunyah will provide ongoing opportunities to showcase Aboriginal culture to a broad audience locally, nationally and globally.