Fire Place

Fire Place  is a unique cross-cultural collaboration by installation artist Catherine Larkins, Aboriginal artists Lennie Hayes and Frances Harrison, and the community of Lakes Entrance.  Fire Place offers a distinct perspective on the modern-day and the ancient past. The ‘bush lounge room’ setting includes a kangaroo skin couch, a TV screening Koori campfire footage, a Mirrigarn or spirit dog, a chimney and fire place made from domestic briquettes and a pseudo-electric log fire. The surfaces are transformed into a stunning canvas of stories from GunaiKurnai country about the timeless cycles of fire. This is a ground breaking mix of ‘blackfella-whitefella’ culture, ideas and materials. The ‘bush lounge room’ invites the visitor to share this precious spirit.

Fire Birds  “This is the dream time story of how fire came to the GunaiKurnai people. There was a time when the people had no fire; the fire was kept by two old women. Bimba-towera the Fire Finch wanted to get some fire for the mob, he was gammon to be friendly to the old women, he acted deadly around them so they let him stay at the camp. So Bimba-towera grabbed the coals and carried them on his moom. He flew back to the mob and gave the coals to the GunaiKurnai people, the people made a fire. Today Bimba-towera still carries the red spot on his tail.

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