Corroboree on the Water

For thousands of years the Corroboree has been an important cultural ceremony for Aboriginal people. Although traditionally held on land, this ceremony was on both the land and the water. This idea was inspired by the FLOAT vessel and guided by our local Koorie elders.

At the heart of the Lake Tyers Beach Small Town Transformation Project, FLOAT is a floating art studio work and research vessel. The vessel is currently a major work in progress by our expert build and design team. The FLOAT vessel  sits in the waters of this precious lake that connects its communities around its shores. We look forward to its completion and launch when the residencies of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal artists and researchers will begin.

The Corroboree involved a smoking ceremony, music and dances by both men and women. Corroboree paid respect to our elders who were with us, guiding an awakening of the ancestral spirits of this place. We thank them for helping us all to feel in our hearts the terrible wrongs of the past and showing us the way forward as we work together to heal this pain. The smoke of the fires on the land will help cleanse us all and prepare the vessel for its journey on the lake.

Thank you you everyone who supported, contributed and participated in this very special ceremony. We hope it offered opportunity for reconciliation and healing for all people who share and treasure Lake Tyers and its surrounds today.

© Wurinbeena 2017

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